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Impact of iOS13 on SUBLINE app

Due to recent changes in iOS13, the way VOIP calls are made in iOS devices has changed in the latest version of iOS13 and as a result you might face problem in making calls using Subline app.

We would like to inform our users that we are working on to make the necessary changes to make the app iOS13 compatible. If you face any problem in making the calls, please do not hesitate to reach to us.

We request our valued customer to please cooperate with us.

Regarding address requirement for acquiring phone numbers

Due to recent changes in local rules and regulations, we may ask for address information from our customers. Please note that the address requirements, identity requirements need to be fully complied with the local governing authorities. To remain regulatory compliant, we request all our users to duely fill up the address information either during subscription application or in their account details.

Notification on calling and calling charges related to CHINA

Important notification to users making calls to China:
No calls allowed with a duration shorter than 3 minutes.
Starting from June, a minimum connection charge of two minutes for all voice calls to China will be implemented.
There may be cases where you are not able to make calls to China using SUBLINE.
To know more, please contact us CLICK HERE


Introducing Japanese SUBLINE service

The "SUBLINE" virtual phone service, an ideal for communication tool to connect with Japanese customers, can be used by Corporations, Freelancers and Individuals.

▼ What is SUBLINE?
SUBLINE provides mobile phone services and mobile phone connections, with phone numbers starting from 050.
SUBLINE is a highly recommended and ideal telecommunication app for corporations, individual business owners, freelancers and individuals
who want to communicate with customers in Japan by phone.

▼ How SUBLINE can benefit you?
For example, if you are in United States, you can make calls to Japan at Japanese domestic charges.
Your call charges will be :
From SUBLINE to Japan's fixed telephone number 20 yen/minute
From SUBLINE to Japanese mobile phone number 10 yen/minute

For example, if you use SUBLINE to make calls between International branches, call charges will be even more cheaper.
Your call charges will be:
If you are calling from SUBLINE to another SUBLINE and have the same contract, call charges will be 2 yen/minute

※ Applicable Japan's Tax will be levied separately

▼ Make and Receive Calls using REAL PHONE NUMBER
You can make calls and receive calls using SUBLINE phone numbers, SUBLINE provide real phone numbers.
It's not like other messenger apps which can only make calls to app only. You can make calls or receive
calls to and from any Japan's phone numbers. You can post the number in your website, business cards, contact phone numbers etc.

▼ The company size does not matter. It can be used by companies from 1 employee to over 100 employees.

1 account only plan: SUBLINE personal
To know more go to →

Corporate plan available for up to 100 accounts: SUBLINE Biz (3 plans available)
To know more go to →

※ More than 100 accounts are possible. Please contact us if you want enterprise level custom plan.

▼ Initial introduction cost is zero! Monthly Phone Number fee is JUST 300 yen/month.

The phone number fee is very cheap, JUST 300 yen/month.
Instant activation, Simple and Quick online application, Just install the app on your smartphone and start making calls.

Please make the best use of SUBLINE to make communication in Japan.

※ Settlement will be in Japanese yen.
※ Unlike Global SUBLINE, Japan's SUBLINE is a domestic service, you can not make calls to international numbers using SUBLINE Japan's contract.
You can make and receive calls within Japan domestic numbers.